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Vraag: "ben je druk?"

Antwoord: Nee, ben vandaag 1 met de natuur en er staat niets in mijn agenda en loop en fiets in de natuur zonder doel en tijd; heerlijk werkeloos en heerlijk nutteloos......

Even a walk among nature in the country is incredibly powerful and healing. Take a drive in the country and leave your cursed cell phone (virtual ring in your nose) in your glove compartment. Then take a walk until you can't absorb anymore. Can you imagine what a delight to your eyes and pleasant music to your brain this simple act is?

We are here on this Earth to ENJOY what's here and now, not spend all our waking hours to make a living. If that's all we do with our waking hours, we've completely missed the point about being alive. Life isn't about being rich or be able to have everything you ever wanted.

Michael Jackson had all the money he ever needed. In an interview recently aired not long before he died he exposed his troubled and unhappy soul to the world. All his millions, his Never Never land or all the boys he surrounded himself with could not buy him that one elusive joy in life known as happiness. Perhaps his theme-park like home named Never-Never land was appropriately named after all.


We moeten af van altijd maar bezig zijn;het heeft juist status als je kan zeggen: "ledigheid en nietsdoen is de snelste weg tot geluk".